Who we are

EU Consulta is a professional network supporting projects dealing mainly with regional development. Affiliated consultants work for a wide range of regional development and capacity-building organisations, think tanks, national bodies and consultancies throughout Europe and overseas (Asia, Africa and the Americas). The experienced experts of EU Consulta have been implementing projects on regional and urban development in many European and non-European countries.

Pablo Gándara, Managing Consultant

As a sustainable urban development expert, Pablo currently leads the team implementing the EU IURC Asia and Australasia project. He has also led the teams implementing the EU’s IUC Asia (2017-2020) and the EU’s World Cities (2011-2017) projects. As acting team leader of the EU’s IUC North America project in Mexico and senior advisor to the EU’s IUC Latin America project in Brazil, he has a uniquely deep knowledge of the international city-to-city and region-to-region cooperation. Pablo has proven work experience with cities and regions in several countries including Australia, Chile, China, Brazil, India, Mexico, Indonesia, the Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam and South Africa. He has facilitated the signing of several MoUs between public sector, businesses & research in areas like green urban spaces, logistics, joint research, and start-ups support. This underlines his experience in working with the research community, private sector and financial institutions in sustainable urbanisation. He has developed over 100 capacity-building and networking events in Europe and Asia, and has worked directly with high-level delegations in most European countries. This experience is complemented with his previous consultancy for the Urban Development Department of City of Trier, where he developed concepts for cross-border cooperation with Luxemburg and evaluated the urban conversion of former military utilities. Pablo also has a strong record in research as he worked for the Free University of Berlin. Moreover, throughout his career, he has worked with businesses (Federation of German Industry - BDI) and political communication (A&B Berlin). Pablo has specialised in smart cities. 

Andreas Sieren, Affiliated Consultant in South Africa

Andreas has managed large-scale in-country or multi-country programmes in urban development, climate change, governance, and health for the European Union (EU), the United Nations (UN) and other international organisations in Africa, Asia & Europe. Postings included Singapore, East Timor, Botswana, and South Africa - with extensive travel in Asia and Africa. He has years of project coordination experience including the facilitation of dialogue between multiple senior stakeholders. --- Most recently, he was working as Senior Expert for EU World Cities & IUC Asia, where he coordinated sustainable urban and regional policy project activities with a focus on climate change between Europe, Asia & Africa. Andreas has an excellent knowledge of European policies and best practices in related areas and is familiar with pertaining challenges and best practices in the Africa & Asia-Pacific region, where he maintains a solid network. Specific interest areas include China's global influence, governance, infrastructure, and energy.  

Colin Maddock, Affiliated Consultant in Canada

For over 20 years, Colin has been a long-term Expert in European Union financed projects where he has supported economic and regional development, including migration, effective and sustainable economic growth and green business development/Circular Economy. He has a solid knowledge of EU mechanisms and procedures. Colin has strong experience in Canada, having been born, educated, worked extensively, and served in the Canadian Navy.  He has a strong commitment and experience in regional and urban development, low-carbon and circular economy-related projects, working with migrants and refugees to enhance quality of life, increase integration and knowledge sharing and creating unique economic opportunities for migrant populations, especially with the conflict-affected and migrants. Colin is also a North American Indian/Aboriginal person, who holds a unique perspective of environmental concerns and green economy based on his aboriginal heritage. His native language is English, and he is proficient in French. He possesses excellent proven communication and writing skills in both languages. 

Edgardo Valdés, Affiliated Consultant in Chile

Edgardo has worked for over 40 years in the banking and financial sector in Chile. He supports EU Consulta in the development of private sector consultancy activities.