Projects and References

Our projects include:

1) EU IURC Asia and Australasia Project (2021-2023)

EU Consulta provides the Team Leader in Thailand for GFA Consulting Group, which has been commissioned by the European Union with the project implementation.   

2) EU IUC-Asia Project (2017-2020)

EU Consulta provided the Team Leader and the Key Expert 2 for Sustainable Urban Development in China. The client was Ramboll, a global engineering, architecture and consultancy company founded from Denmark.  

3) EU World Cities Project

EU Consulta was commissioned by GIZ International Services and Ramboll Denmark with the project coordination, deployment of experts, communication, event organization and twinning activities in China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Africa, South Korea and Australia.

4) Urban Development Consultancy for the City of Trier in several projects, including:

  • TRILUX: Development of several studies for cross-border cooperation between the City of Trier and Luxemburg in areas including S&T Parks, Incubation Activities, Development Fund, Free Trade Zone and Technical Conferences between stakeholders from Trier and Luxemburg.
  • CONVERSION: Evaluation Study for the City of Trier on the urban reconversion of former military utilities.
  • URBACT: Evaluation of URBACT activities. URBACT enables cities to work together and develop integrated solutions to common urban challenges.
  • RFSCF – Reference Framework for Sustainable Cities