EU Consulta is a professional network for regional development in Europe. Affiliated consultants work for a wide range of regional development and capacity-building organisations, think tanks, national bodies and consultancies throughout Europe and overseas. The experienced experts of EU Consulta have been implementing EU funded projects in many European and non-European countries.

EU Consulta has also a permanent advisory board, entitled of providing continuous monitoring and evaluation of the projects. The board assists in general the project teams in the conception and implementation of the activities.



EU Consulta offers in-depth expertise across a wide range of regional development areas, including decentralization, governance, innovation, regional and urban development issues. We provide services through policy consulting and capacity development. Our approach to integrated regional development includes strategic planning, implementation and monitoring tools. 


Project Development

EU Consulta develops international cooperation projects in Europe. We proof the realization of your plans with the help of European and national pubic funding. Our services are targeted to enterprises, associations, academic institutions and public authorities in Europe and overseas. Our interdisciplinary teams ensure optimal planning and implementation of projects.